Pets are Family

Wilson Carpet Repair knows that pets can be hard on flooring.


Hallway in need of carpet-repair from Pet Damage

When your darling doggy or cute cat causes Pet Damage in an area of your flooring but the rest is still looking great, call us!  We know that sometimes a pup can scratch your carpet and cause a hole by a door or in a corner.  Tracy can take a doner piece of carpet from a closet or maybe some scraps you kept after the carpet was laid and fix an area to make it look good as new. Pet Damage gone!  The new carpet may be slightly different in color due to the old carpet having faded or maybe it is a little soiled, but we can guarantee you that it is going to look much better than the hole in the floor.



Hallway after carpet- repair from Pet Damage

We also can neutralize pet urine.  You may not realize how strong the smell has become but your guests do.  Tracy will either use chemicals that are safe for pets to neutralize the smell or if it is really bad, he may have to pull up the carpet, clean the floor underneath and replace the pad, then relay the carpet.  Either way, you can be assured that we will do everything possible to make your home clean and fresh without the cost of replacing a perfectly good carpet. Pet Damage from a naughty pet gone!


Wilson Carpet Repair is your Pet Damage Carpet Repair Specialist.
Don’t Ditch it Fix it!